White Mountain Images by Chris Whiton



Winter is an exhilarating time to be in the Franconia Notch Region – the perfect home base for all types of winter sports and activities.

Skiing, the official sport of New Hampshire, offers one of the best ways to enjoy winter. Alpine and cross-country skiing share the slopes with snow boarders and twenty-first century snow toys that provide a whole new way to play.

Snowtubing makes snow time fun time for all ages. Winter climbing and hiking enable enthusiasts to see a side of Franconia Notch and the rest of the Whites few know. Snowmobilers ride some of the finest, most picturesque and extensive snowmobiling trails in the East that provide round trips to border states and Canada in a day.

Bobhouses, the traditional haunts for ice fishing, dot frozen lakes; skaters etch icy outlines on rinks, ponds and indoor arenas while others take stick in hand and head to a pickup game of hockey. Winter brings the old-fashioned pleasure of a sleigh or wagon ride. Lots of snow and water brings out the artistry in kids and adults alike.

Winter in Franconia Notch means snowmen (and snow families) in backyards while creative snow sculptures are judged and celebrated at winter carnivals and festivals throughout the season for any reason. It’s snow- and generations of kids have analyzed the fine art of the perfect snowball, only to be bested in a fun game of exchanges from the cover of well-constructed snow forts and walls. And for some, when it comes to winter activities, you can’t beat apres ski and cozy firesides.