White Mountain Images by Chris Whiton



Summer is one of the most beautiful and pleasant seasons in Franconia Notch and in all of the White Mountains of New Hampshire!

Floral displays are in abundance in the fields while other rare species exist in protected areas for generations of enjoyment. Match this beauty with the full spectrum of spectacular landscape, terrain and mountain cliffs and you have an idyllic setting for a vast choice of recreational opportunities, leisure activities for quiet get-a-ways, and the daring challenge of multi-level sporting areas.

Count the ways to enjoy the rush and thrill of the Summertime in the Franconia Notch Region. Hike it, bike it, swim it, drive it, whatever the foot board of choice. Discover it, capture it, stay here and love it.

Our outdoors encompasses miles and heights filled with magnificent waterfalls, lakes and streams, boulders and rock formations – all formed thousands of years ago during the Ice Ages.