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V2VG Thrift

V2VG Thrift exists to financially support Veterans2Veterans Group, which in and of itself does not have a method to generate funds to support its charitable mission of serving local veterans, first responders, and their dependant family members.

V2GT has a very generous pricing policy that aims to help support the community. Many items are priced far below their antique or vintage value, a fact that we are reminded of daily by well-meaning customers! However we understand V2VGT is a thrift store and not an antique shop and its prices must reflect as such. Likewise, a great many items are NOT priced and thus they are sold "by donation"; whatever someone feels comfortable with paying or what they think the item is worth.

This allows folks to purchase things they might not otherwise be able to afford without feeling pressured. Likewise, for resellers, it allows "meat on the bone" to resell an item if they so choose and make some money on it as well. Everyone wins. Lastly, it allows many good pieces to avoid hitting our local landfills and transfer stations before their time.

Store Hours- Fri, Sat, & Sun 9-3 (& by chance or appointment) accepting cash, card, and local checks


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324 Main Street, Franconia, Grafton County, New Hampshire, 03580, United States
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