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The Authentic Leadership Alliance
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The Authentic Leadership Alliance

The Authentic Leadership Alliance LLC (ALA) is a leadership and communications consultancy that helps organizations and individuals lead and communicate on purpose – with clarity, conviction and a firm grounding in who they are.

We believe that when a leader, team or organization is authentic and purposeful, they have the potential to achieve extraordinary things. Unlocking that potential is what ALA is all about.

We work with public and private companies, government entities, start-ups and nonprofit organizations. In addition to our consulting and coaching services, we provide leadership speakers and facilitators for a range of events, conferences and meetings.

Our approach is based on the philosophy that to be most effective, especially in an environment of constant change, leaders and organizations must have a clear understanding of who and what they are – their authenticity. With this as an underpinning, we help clients develop breakthrough leadership and communications strategies. Whether this translates into a core messaging platform, change management strategy, a new approach to stakeholder or team engagement, or an integrated strategic communications plan, ALA helps clients move forward with greater clarity, focus and transparency.