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Ski Hearth Farm
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Ski Hearth Farm

We believe “Food is Thy Medicine” and strive to grow healthy, non-GMO crops, without the use of pesticides. This year (2014) was our first growing season in many years. We have almost 12 acres in vegetable production. Crops ranged for six different types of lettuce to popcorn. Our main focus for the first year was the re-establishment of our farm stand and providing produce to our CSA members. The farm stand opened mid June and we began our Summer CSA at that time. We had a successful season and it was wonderful meeting our customers and discussing the farm with them.

Over the course of the summer, we had over sixteen farm workers. The team worked really well together and performed many tasks such as seeding, weeding (a lot!), field prep, crop harvest, and operating the farm stand.

For the 2015 season, we hope to expand our CSA membership significantly. We will have several CSA membership types to choose from and increase the flexibility of the CSA. We really enjoy this aspect of our farm and hope to grow it a lot.
In addition, we plan to grow crops weekly for local area restaurants during the summer months. We will be reaching out to local establishments and discussing their needs over the winter so we can plan out and grow to their specific needs. If you are dining in the area, be sure to mention Ski Hearth Farm and encourage them to support the farm!

We believe “Food is Thy Medicine.” While we are not current certified Organic, we are growing our crops in accordance with the Northeast Organic Farming Association-New York (NOFA-NY) Farmer’s Pledge.

Currently the farm stand is open through mid November. We have a nice selection of winter squashes and storage vegetables. The fields are still producing some green with two types of Kale, some cabbage, and spinach available.

Today, Ski Hearth Farm is owned by Davis Mangold. Davis purchased the farm in 2013. With the help of employees, friends, and family member, over ten acres of vegetables were grown in 2014. The farm stand was re-opened and a 60 member CSA was established for the Summer 2014 season. During 2014, the construction of a 30 KM Nordic Ski trail system was completed and opened winter 2014. The farm looks forward to many years of growing healthy, nutrient dense foods and being an integral part of the community.