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Franconia Village Store
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Franconia Village Store

The quintessential village store where coffee is sipped on the wide porch while catching up the news of the day, or checking the wall of posters of information, specials and local events.  Luncheon & breakfast deli, all the groceries you forgot on the last supermarket run, loaded freezers and coolers to fill a backpack or picnic basket, and items from shoelaces to household needs and health aids.  Must have souvenirs along with the whimsical, and video rentals for all- visitors or regulars.  And the back counter- have the soup of the day and help with the daily crossword.  Long time family owners and customer service with answers for directions you can’t find on line or with your GPS- all this and more at the Franconia Village Store.  Every village needs one. Perhaps you’ll run into a shared life from a different time or place- maybe discover a family or friend connection. It really is a small world after all!